We specialize at  providing ODM(Original Design Manufacture) and OEM (Original Equipment Manufacture) services to our clients. We are fully capable to design the products you request and also provide the efficient production.



Cablesat's premium F-splice connectors use Nickel/ Nitin plating provides the corrosion resistance, Not only reliability and longevity but an excellent RF signal transmission.

Drop connectors

We provide a wide range of drop connectors, such as a free spinning nut and one-piece compression design to eliminate the chances of lost or mismatched components.


Cablesat provide the new generation of mini size high-pass band filters, it can pass various frequencies above a desired cutoff frequency with a minimum insertion loss.

Trunk connector

Cablesat’s trunk connectors have excellent performance and reliability. Good return loss and gripping force performance.

Trunk adapter

Use 6262 aluminum alloy for an excellent correction resistance. Also brass contact pin with bright acid tin plating can provide good RF conductivity. All products comply for RoHS.